Metropolitan Area Profile and Scenario (MAPS) Milan

The Milan metropolitan region (Lombardy) is characterised by a mountainous situation in the North and agricultural plains in the South of the region. In addition a small-scale administrative structure is noticeable. Whereas the area demand for food production of the city of Milan (2,548 km2) can be covered by the surrounding region (4,892 km2), the demand from the regional population (16,178 km2) is more than three times higher than the regional available farmland.

Map IT2 IT2.1
Figure: Area demand conventional food production.

Regarding the area self-sufficiency, a strong food stress situation of Milan and the Lombardy are indicated, as the majority of municipalities are far below theoretical self-sufficiency. However, the specific of the Lombardian administrative structure deserves attention, which is characterised by many urbanised communities with a small territory on the one side and large rural communities on the other.

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Figure: Self-sufficiency level at municipality level.