Metropolitan Area Profile and Scenario (MAPS) Ljubljana

Due to low population numbers and density in the case of Ljubljana (urban core and surrounding area, the Slovenian situation rather depicts a situation with full regional self-sufficiency. The regional 6,663 km2 of agricultural land is sufficient to cover the demand of 583 km2 (urban core) and 4,269 km2 (region). However, also here some physical constraints of the near Alps Mountains need to be taken into consideration.

Map SLO1 SLO2.1
Map: Area demand conventional food production.

Regarding the regional self-sufficiency in terms of agricultural area availability, nearly 90% of the Slovenian municipalities provide a full local self-sufficiency level of 100%. Moreover, a majority provide more than 200% of the required farmland within the own boundaries. Only Ljubljana as the urban core and some major cities face local undersupply.

Map SLO1 SLO2.2
Map: Self-sufficiency level at municipality level.