Metropolitan Area Profile and Scenario (MAPS) Rotterdam

Due to the high population density in the Region of South Holland (Zuid Holland), there is a clear shortage of farmland to feed both, the core city (Rotterdam) and surrounding region. Despite a farmland share of 60% (1,684 km2) and an area demand of 1,133 km2 for Rotterdam, the regional demand of 6,713 km2 overdraw the regional potential four times. A compensation of the resulting food stress from neighbouring regions can also not be expected (high population density in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France, which is already belonging to the Paris footprint area as well as the coastal location).

Map IT2 NL2.1
Map: Area demand conventional food production.

In the majority of municipalities in the South Holland region (Rotterdam) are characterised by self-sufficiency level of below 100%, often even not exceeding 25% and below, so that a rather continuous food stress can be expected in the region.

Map NL2 NL2.2
Map: Self-sufficiency level at municipality level.